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The 2019 International Creatineer Competition is keeping innovating every year. What do we expect for this year? In 2019, the competition will set up 10+ offline competition areas, such as Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, liaoning, shandong, sichuan, hubei, anhui, jiangsu and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan , within which contestants can choose freely. The winner of each division will enter the final global competition.

If you have any questions about the 2019 International Creatineer Competition, please find more answers below.

Q:What is International Creatineer® Competition

A: The first International Creatineer Competition was launched and organized by SIASUN robot group in 2015, which is an entrepreneurship competition on robot and intelligent product. The competition is held once a year and has been successfully held for 4 years. More than 150 partners around the world. We’ve got support of over 80 judges from technical, design and commercial field. More than 1500 start-ups and teams have participated in the contest. Nearly 40 projects have been invested through the competition. At the same time, the competition has got the affirmation and attention from industry. Media exposure exceeded 10 million. We hope to help more makers to get closer to their dream!

Q: My project is not completed. Can I compete?

A: Of course!As long as it is intelligent tech related, you are always welcomed to participate. The projects could include but not limited to: service robots, industrial robots, intelligent household, wearable devices, intelligent products core parts, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the design, prototype, products and solutions.

Q: How do the judges judge my venture?

A: Each entry will be judged from three dimensions: technology, design, and business.
The mentors in each field are also prestigious, including academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the world's leading business mentor, the international excellent design guru, a number of co-founders of investment institutions. The WeChat official account“Creatineer”will introduce them later. Do not miss!

Q: I have willing, but I don’t have much time to travel for the competition

A:Don’t worry!The 2019 Creatineer Competition will set up 10+ offline competition sites, and contestants can choose freely. The winner of each division will enter the global finals. There is no revival or preliminary.

Q: Will I gain nothing after so much effort?

A: Don’t worry! As long as you come and show your works, except for the cash awards, you will get your own reports, investment opportunities, online entrepreneurship courses and real entrepreneurship training. Technical,business and design mentors will also help you to make sure you have a good harvest in different stages.

Q: I haven't prepared much yet. When can I catch the last chance?

A: Global recruitment of 2019 International Creatineer® Competition will last from June 16 to July 31. Please find below for the schedule.

★Contest Contact Information
Official WeChat:creatineer

telephone:+86 021-58388377