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About us

The Creatineer Maker space is the first of Robo-themed Maker space created by siasun , as well as China’s leading robot enterprise in China.

√ The second innovative incubator in Pudong new area

Shanghai municipal science and technology education base

Goden Bridge maker space


As the first robotics-themed Maker space China, the Creatineer Maker space is…

… a fun place for makers of robotics and smart hardware.

… a robotics business incubator which incorporates technology, marketing, and capital resources.

… a paradise for robot enthusiasts.


The first area of Creatineer Maker space is 1300 square meters,consists of the open laboratory, robot cafe, children creative park, show hall, the college of maker, the maker nursery and so on.


robot cafe

Show hall

the open laboratory


Technology: With support from SIASUN, a leader in the domestic robotics industry, the Creatineer Maker space offers technical guidance, technology transfer, business incubation, science and technology consulting, inspection and testing, intellectual property consulting, and other technical services for the development and applications of entrepreneurial robotics products.

Mentors: The Creatineer Maker space team offers professional business services, covering topics such as team creation, legal services, finance, business models, marketing, and supply chains.

Workspace: The Creatineer Maker space development lab includes all the equipment and tools necessary to create robotics and smart hardware. Makers can build according to their own ideas and creativity, and create their own robots.

Competition: As the base for the International Creatineer Competition, the Creatineer Maker space is responsible for selection, guidance, and incubation of robotics and smart hardware projects, helping participants connect with resources like technical guidance, market positioning, brand design, and advertising.

Experience: The Creatineer Maker space is China’s first robotics-themed center for maker education and popular science, and aims to become a science and technology experience center for smart products and future smart living.


1.Specialized technical resources: industry expert network

2.Industry chain resources: upstream and downstream suppliers, sales channels

3.Capital resources: investment advisory team, investment institutions

4.Media and publicity resources: media and industry partners

5.Government support resources: assistance in applying for support

Office for maker team

conference room

Welcom to join us!