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Copyright Statement

l  Each entry must be independent, original work by the contestant or a team led by the contestant and must not be a winner of any other contest, already used by others, or copied or plagiarized. If after review it is determined that the entry does not meet these standards, as verified by the competition organizers, the entry will be disqualified with no opportunity for substitution. If it has already received an award, the organizers have the right to remove the award.

l  Participants must not include with their entries any commercial information (promotional information, other brand’s logo, link to personal website, etc.) not related to the competition. Any entries which violate this rule will be disqualified

l  Participants must hold full copyrights for their work, as well as the license for the technology included in the entries, and any other necessary license. Patent rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, copyrights, and other legal responsibilities are assumed by the participant. The competition organizers are not responsible for any legal consequences which may arise.

l  If a competition entry is suspected of infringement, please contact the organizing committee immediately. If at any time the organizers receive complaints relating to patent rights or other rights, or discover an entry to be in violation of these conditions, they will immediately inform the participants of the relevant complaints, and the participants are responsible for resolving these complaints.

l  The participant will be liable for any damages to the competition organizers resulting from an entry which infringes on the rights of a third party.

l  Participants agree to allow their submissions, names, and other necessary information to be published and used in the competition and related events. These include but are not limited to competition advertising videos, TV promotional videos, and other commercial uses. The organizers have the right to decide if the participants’ names will be included and make any necessary changes to the works, depending on the situation.

l  If none of the submitted entries meet the criteria for particular award, the competition organizing committee has the right to refrain from giving the award.

l  Information uploaded by participants must not contain any content which violates the laws of the People’s Republic of China or is contrary to public order and moral standards. Participants must not upload any photos or text that contains pornography, violence, or other inappropriate content. If it is discovered, the content will not be uploaded and the competition organizers have the right to report it to the relevant departments.

l  Participants’ personal information su