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As the first robotics-themed hackerspace in China, the Creatineer Hackerspace is…

… a fun place for makers of robotics and smart hardware.

… a robotics business incubator which incorporates technology, marketing, and capital resources.

… a paradise for robot enthusiasts.

Make your imagination a reality; let your dreams light the future.

*At the Creatineer Hackerspace, you can work closely with robots

--- experience innovation, science, and technology in new ways

*At the Creatineer Hackerspace, start with inspiration and turn it into a reality

--- build your own personalized robot

*At the Creatineer Hackerspace, follow your dreams to a bright future

--- become a rising star in scientific innovation

Creatineer Hackerspace Timeline

May 15, 2015

Launch event for the 2015 International Creatineer Competition

August 3, 2015

Final round and closing ceremony for the 2015 International Creatineer Competition

The first domestic robotics-themed hackerspace, the Creatineer Hackerspace, is officially opened

2015 Creatineer Hackerspace Events

Creatineer Hackerspace’s first movie showing: “Wall-E”

Creatineer Hackerspace’s first Lego training class

Robotics lecture on military UAVs

Creatineer Hackerspace’s first DIY T-shirt activity

Live broadcast for the 70th anniversary parade, celebrating victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan

German students visit the Creatineer Hackerspace


Smart robot café

Robot-themed movies and books

Fun DIY classes

Robot-themed science lectures


Complete range of equipment and tools

Specialized training and guidance

Team start-up support services


Comfortable office space

Well-equipped roadshow hall

Personalized consulting

Capital resources and technical support