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The preliminary is coming!


Description of voting rules

According to the competition system, the organizing committee of the competition selected 61 events (23Masters, 21Makers and 17 Deamers) from 462 events to enter the preliminary competition.  Experts from all over the world will conduct an open and fair selection of these projects through the official website. Experts vote to decide whether to go through, and the popular vote only affects the bonus. The person who wii get the highest votes can accumulate for final prize.

Final prize proportion

1.Network voting rules:

【Expert voteEach project is limited to one vote. The most votes for Master are 5, the most votes for Maker are 5, and the most votes for Dreamer are 4. In addition, the judges can make public comments on the projects ,which they are interested in. Contestants can interact with the judges via their replies

【Public vote】Each person can only cast one vote per day. Each vote is valid for 14 projects, and each project can only cast one vote. In the preliminary contest, the public network will vote for the highest person (one of three prizes). If the final is qualified, the bonus will be accumulated.

2. Voting time: Beijing time:

August 29 (start at 0) - September 2 (end at 24)  for five days

3. Voting address: