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2018 Creatineer Online Training Camp


The most significant highlight of 2018 Creatineer competition is online training camp.  2018 Creatineer online training camp invited mentors from technology, design, and business to share some point of views, and will update every Thursday on Youku.  You can communicate with makers with the same dream in the comment area.  Maybe you will also get some professional answers from mentors. You cannot miss it!

Regulations of Online Training Camp

2018 Creatineer online training camp has 8 sessions altogether.  The sooner you participate in the competition, the sooner you can join the camp.  For example, if you participate in the first week, you can take 8 courses, if you participate in the second week, you can take 7.

Link: http://i.youku.com/creatineer

Password: Email every Thursday to any contestant who participates before 24:00 on Wednesday

Update time: 18:00 every Thursday

Frequency: Every 7 days. Any contestant participates before 24:00 on Wednesday can take the latest course

P.s. The wechat official account (creatineer) will issue the next course trailer every Thursday. Follow the account to get the information.  If you have any question, feel free to contact +86 21-50870608-8290. Thank you very much.