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【No.8|Smart elderly care/Others 】High quality projects from previous creatineer competition


With the advent of an aging society,the needs of home care for the elderly are valued by everyone.How to make parents' lives safer and more convenienthas become the most concerned topic of children.Is there such a robot can connect old people ,children, even medical staff ,and become an intimate home caretaker for the elderly?Let's go and see it together

Smart elderly care

Intelligent walking auxiliary belt

The project won the Dreamer Award of 2017 International Creatineer Competition. The intelligent walking auxiliary belt is developed based on Intel's RealSense3D camera. It will warn the elderly of the risks of walking early with voice and convoy the elderly in real time through detection of the pedestrians, vehicles, obstacles, stairs, gullies and other potential dangerous targets.


University Library Resource Intelligent Circular Bookcase

The program entered the preliminary contest of the 2017 International Creatineer Competition. The program facilitates students to achieve resource sharing through the Internet of things intelligent circular bookcase system, and uses the circulation of books to drive students to strengthen understanding, promote communication and achieve cooperation. Internet of things intelligent bookcase products have successfully applied for 4 invention patents, and the third generation of circulation bookcase has reached the leading level in China.

City Stereo Parking Device

The project won the Dreamer Award of 2017 International Creatineer Competition. The program aims to solve the parking problem in old residential areas. It plans to build three to four floors of steel structure frames starting from more than two floors above the ground in the space between the buildings and to establish a car lift which is controlled by a remote control device and whose entrance and exit are connected with the glass platforms. When not in use, the lift will be parked on the first layer of glass platform. Currently the design of the program has been completed.